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Natural Alternative Treatment for Uterine Cancer

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Uterine cancer occurs in women aged 40 to 50 years and post-menopausal women, with fewer than 5% of child bearing women at risk of developing this cancer. A common approach against most tumors is its removal together with the organ it is attached to thereby necessitating a hysterectomy. Physicians determine if uterus removal is adequate or whether the tumor has extended to surrounding lymph nodes and ovaries.

There are standard surgical and chemotherapeutic procedures or other options and certain women may opt for a hysterectomy followed by alternative methods of treatment to replace radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal blocking which cause anemia, nausea, hair loss and generally feeling totally miserable. Some women decline surgical procedures while some may choose the hysterectomy and chemotherapy together with alternative treatments.

Certain medical centers approach cancer treatment with alternative procedures which could (or could not) incorporate regular Western type medical procedures. Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the Issels and Envista are some of the centers that view cancer treatment from the position that medical options must help the body in treating itself.

Alternative cancer treatments (including uterine cancer) start by focusing on the improvement of the immune system - the body has self healing abilities provided it gets the correct nutrition.

Diet intakes, low in whole, raw foods and high in animal fats and processed foods, don't provide the minerals, vitamins and living enzymes required by the body for new cell creation. Chemically or artificially produced vitamins do not possess intricate enzymatic activities as found in natural food sources. Alternative treatment centers recommend, even insisting on diet changes for patients, to diets that support the fight against cancer. Changing eating habits may be problematic, however, it becomes easier once the patients perspective has changed.

Naturopathic physicians use non-toxic, natural alternative treatments and therapies which supports the person as a whole, not only focusing on one facet of the disease treatment (as in standard Western medical procedures) and seek to minimize harmful effects by applying the least force possible in boosting the immune system. Scientific and time tested therapies include botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, classical Chinese medicine, environmental medicine, hydrotherapy and minor surgery thereby resulting in a natural environment which promotes self healing in the body.

Another alternative treatment is immunotherapy in conjunction with a multidisciplinary approach and involves physical therapists, nutritionists, dieticians, naturopathic physicians and immunizations (to boost immune systems).

Although alternative therapies are more main stream nowadays, before choosing it to treat uterine cancer, check the track record and other references of applicable treatment facilities - avoid sole practitioners as best results are achieved when medical professionals combine their skills in a team effort.

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