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Breast Cancer - How You Can Return To Your Sexual Life After Breast Cancer Treatment

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Cervical cancer symptoms

There are some changes in sexual life which a breast cancer victim has to face after undergoing breast cancer treatment. Continue reading this article if you want to discover how a breast cancer survivor can return to normal sex and intimacy.

It is very difficult for a women to return to their normal sex life after going under breast cancer treatment. The most important thing what a woman needs after the treatment of breast cancer is a sexual health program.

It is a difficult task to have sex after the regular side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, such as vaginal dryness. This is due to premature menopause which causes pain during sex. Usually it takes a longer time to get aroused and the touch of your partner is not as pleasurable as before.

The steps of treatment of breast cancer like radiotherapy and chemotherapy makes the breast more sensitive to touch and if a women has gotten a mastectomy it is great shock for the patient as well as for her partner.

It is very important to regularly visit your gynecologist during and after the treatment of breast cancer. The women who suffer from cancer of the breast are at greater risk of cervical cancer and atrophy of the vagina.

But there is some good news. The side effects of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment do not last for a long time. About six months later the woman who as gone under the treatment of cancer are ready for to resume having sex again. But these six months are full of stress and anxiety and some special techniques and ideas should be followed to return to normal sex life.

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