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The Essential Pap Smear Test For Cervical Cancer Treatment

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Cervical cancer symptoms

The Pap smear test is essential to find traces of cervical cancer cells. If the test is done early, cervical cancer can be treated early. The Pap smear test is used effectively for more then fifty years and due to this cancer deaths have significantly reduced in United States.

This test is used to detect the presence of abnormal cells in the uterine cervix. Pap tests are categorized into two types. Cell samples are first collected by gynecologist from the surface of the cervix and then tested under the slide. Recent advancements in technology have led to testing of samples in liquid in a vial. The tests mentioned are effective in getting the results for the presence of cancerous cells.

The lab technician tests the cells under a powerful microscope to detect any abnormalities. Sometimes software is used to get the results. The presence of this test does not always signifies that one is suffering from cervical cancer. Other reasons can also be there for abnormality, like cervical infection, inflammation of the cervical cells, changes in hormone, etc.

After submitting the samples at the nearest health clinic, you may be again asked to come for some other tests. Sometimes, detailed heath screening test is required to find the root cause of abnormality and that may also include another Pap smear test. This is essential because, often Pap smear test for the first time is unable to find pre cancerous cells. Since the growth of cell is very gradual, so it is expected that another intensive test will surely get hold of it. This is the reason why doctors sometimes recommend Pap smear test at regular intervals.

This test undergoes the Bethesda System after the result reaches your doctor. Based on this, output can be placed in various categories, upon which vital decisions are taken.

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