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Knowing the work of Part I of cervical cancer

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Cervical cancer symptoms

When the diagnosis of cervical cancer is important to know what is this information will allow the doctor plan treatment, depending on how advanced the cancer. There are five distinct stages, many of which are divided.

The first stage is stage 0. In stage 0, cancer is on the first layer of cells lining the cervix only and has not invaded deeper tissues of the cervix. This is the first form ofCancer> cervical and can be treated with laser surgery, hysterectomy or radiation.

The next phase is the phase I and is divided into IA and IB. At this stage the cancer is found in the cervix but has not yet widespread. In stage IA, a very small amount of cancer that can only be seen under a microscope is found in the tissues of the cervix. In the next section, IB, cancer is still in the neck and either: it can only be seen with a microscope or lessand can not.

In Phase II, the cancer has spread beyond the cervix but not to pelvic wall (the tissues that line the part of the body between the hips). Phase II is divided into stages IIA and IIB according to the degree of cancer spread.

In IIA, the cancer has spread beyond the cervix to the upper two thirds of the vagina but not to tissues around the uterus. In IIB, the cancer has spread beyond the cervix to the upper two thirds of the vagina andto the tissues around the uterus.

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