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Dealing With Nausea and Vomiting When Undergoing Chemotherapy For Ovarian Cancer

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Cervical cancer symptoms

When ovarian cancer patients undergo chemotherapy, nausea and vomiting are the most commonly made complaints. Even as the delivery methods of the chemotherapy drugs may vary, by and large nausea is the universally experienced side effect, closely followed by vomiting. What makes this side effect so miserable for patients is the fact that even on an empty stomach the feelings do not subside, and more than one chemotherapy patient may find herself dry heaving repeatedly during and after her chemotherapy treatment.

Since ovarian cancer treatment quite frequently includes chemotherapy, patients and their physicians have been working hard to figure out ways around this side effect.

* On the day of your chemotherapy, physicians recommend that you have an easy to digest breakfast. Dry toast, Jell-o, saltines, or slices of white bread are recommended. Stay away from eggs and anything else that may be considered a full breakfast. Especially of note is that you should avoid anything with a heightened acidity, such as grapefruit or orange juice.

* Bring along some plain crackers and a bottle of water. Listen to your body and its signals! You may be surprised to find that you are craving food in the midst of chemotherapy. Eat one cracker and see how you feel.

* Once you arrive at home, plan on avoiding the smells of spicy foods. In the same way, avoid the smell of drinks as well. Some ovarian cancer patients have reported that the smell of their children's hot chocolate or their husband's coffee suddenly brought on a wave of nausea. To this end it is best to spend the first 24 hour period after chemotherapy without strong scents and odors.

* Keep cool when you feel nauseous. Patients have found that having the car window rolled down is essential in keeping actual vomiting at bay and may actually help to relieve nausea. Physicians suggest that the intake of fresh, cool air is instrumental.

* Come prepared for vomiting. This might sound like an odd piece of advise, but ovarian cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and subsequently suffering from severe nausea have reported that the stress over not having a bag readily available should the sick feeling turn into actual vomiting is so stressful that in the end the vomiting appeared to have been induced by the stress and fear of vomiting.

Some patients have experimented with anti emetic drugs and found that they yielded great results. Of course, any time you ingest any kind of medication, vitamin, herbal remedy, or anything else you must discuss it with your physician first! Some over the counter supplements have been known to alter the way chemotherapy drugs work and there is little benefit in undergoing the treatment if the results are not what you have hoped for due to the use of other substances. As a matter of fact, your doctor should be able to provide you with a list of acceptable and not recommended medications and over the counter remedies for the weeks that you are undergoing chemotherapy!

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